3 Best PlayStore Alternatives for Any Android

The Google Play Store app usually comes pre-installed on your android device. Though, after using it on a regular basis it may not interest you. Here’s why we’ve come up with other alternatives for any android. All you need to bear in mind is to follow instructions given below on your android. If you’re a game/ app lover then you’ll surely appreciate our post. As in this post, we’re giving three other best options to go with apart from Playstore.

We’re living in the most digitalized era where entertainment is consumed in a totally different manner. Here’s why there are so many options to enjoy entertainment so why stick to one form of an app. In this post, we’re giving you few options other than playstore to use. Enjoy entertainment like never before with the advent of these apps.

3 Best Playstore Alternatives for Any Android

APK Pure

Are you looking for apps more or less like Google play? Or you’re simply bored of using the same app over and over. Well, APK Pure is here to save the day. APK is no wonder one of the best app available as an alternative to the regular app you use. Not only has this but it comes with more categories including the top picks, and the most popular games and apps. AC Market apk is also another good option if you need a change.


Freestore is our second best app that has been around lately and let you download paid android app/ games for free right from the play store. They have come up with an app that is free for games and let you download android apps. If you’re an Android lover then you’ll surely appreciate this app as an alternative to the play store.


This is our third best and the most practical play store alternative named Aptoide. The interface of this app is easy and simple to navigate and even comes with updates section. The color selection scheme of the app also makes it more desirable. This app is quite famous among the users and for all the right reasons. AC market apk is also another app that can be used as an alternative to play store.

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